Monday, 14 December 2015

Lots of work.

There has been a lot of painting happening in the studio. Many hearts cut by myself and then re-cut (properly) by my dear man! I think I have the hang of it now, but it's a little scary being in charge of something that could take my fingers off, well, do damage at least!

Athena and her owl were great fun to paint and I'm working on a Morrigan and crow hanging at the moment. All latest pieces are in the Etsy shop in the sidebar.
There has been much cuddling by the fire of late. It's the best place to be while the wind howls around the house.

Meanwhile, I've been making wine. I hope it's ready for Christmas.
I'm cheating and using a kit this time as I don't want to wait the normal 2years for it to mature. Although, the sweet potatoe wine I made last year was heavenly and I say WAS with some regret as I only have one bottle left!!! That's for Boxing Day :D

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Finished - little bird skulls.

Firstly, I must just say that these skulls are purely my own design based on working with real bird skulls brought in as gifts from my cats! I don't want to sound mean in any way, but please don't copy or reproduce my images or ideas in any format, thank you :D

Right, that's out of the way so here is how they looked fresh from the kiln.
Coated with my special smoke glaze resist.
After the smoke firing and the resist has been removed.
Decorated and ready to sell in my Etsy shop Here.
How many of you have been watching the Pottery Throw Down on TV? It just goes to show how much time thought and energy goes into ceramic work. I wouldn't want to be under the amount of pressure that those poor contestants are under!!!  It's well worth a watch and has given me some inspiration for making larger items.  I'd love to make a sink ;)

Friday, 13 November 2015

Dashing back to the Studio.

This is a quick post as I must get back to the Studio! More ideas are falling from my head into the clay and I must make the most of it :D
The bird skulls have turned out perfectly. I'm so happy with them :D
A trio of dragons are waiting for their glazes. I simply cannot decide on colours!
The large dragon was a nightmare to fit in the kiln and I'm surprised he survived!
This is one from a previous firing with a high shine glaze. I love these glazes but fancy something a little more subdued!
Finally, some of the bird skulls have been coated with a special clay blend that I make myself. This is for smoke firing. The white areas will turn black and the dark areas should stay white - should!!!
Now, I must dash before the rain starts again! Keeping everything crossed for the skulls :D

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Back to work.

The weather is stormy and wild, so where better to be than in the Studio creating dragons. I hope to be back later with some photos and a kiln ready to be filled up and fired.

Friday, 30 October 2015

I'm back!

Many thanks to my lovely son for fixing my ailing pc.  Now I can get back to proper blogging :D
Meanwhile, I have been busy!

 and sculpting, more skulls

more dragons

and baking bread :D
More words in the next post.  I have more dragons in the kitchen and mustn't mix them up with the Steak and kidney pudding!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Leaving messages!

Since a nasty computer virus took out most of my operating systems last month, I'm having problems leaving messages on people's blogs.  Please don't think I'm ignoring anyone, I'm still reading, but unable to comment.  Unless you get a sudden message from Tanglewood Farm, which is my Google account, but those seem to vanish into the ether!

I will try to sort it, but for now dear friends, I'm following you all, but missing out on commenting on your lovely words.

MM, I'm sorry for your lovely cat Raisin and BB, likewise dear little Amber.  Everyone else, I will try hard to get through to you.x

Monday, 14 September 2015

I've been busy!

I've been making skulls, lots of them! Birds
and Dragons :D
I even made another fully formed dragon!
This is my bed first thing in the morning, sometimes with me in it!!!! But on this day, I made an early cuppa, came back and found there was no room left :D  They don't sleep with me all night, too many restless bodies just keep me awake, but now that the weather is on the turn, they like to join me for my tea ritual <3 br="">
The dog and I needed a break in the woods.  Just the two of us, heaven <3 br="">

Friday, 4 September 2015

A little escape.

I've been losing myself in the galaxy lately. I needed to paint a backdrop for my moongazing hare and had a lovely wooden panel just lying around in the studio!

The panel will be put on to the wall in time, but for now, it gives my hare something to gaze at. 
The trouble was, once I started playing with paint and stars, I just couldn't stop!
This one, for some reason took the longest (over 4hours)! I guess it was because I wanted the spiral to look natural and flowing.

This Nebula took far less time, even though it's larger than the spiral.  It almost painted itself!
The horsehead Nebula took the longest of all and I have to guess at over 6hours!  I had to walk away and let it dry several times, otherwise I was going to be defeated.  I'm quite happy with it now!
Talking of horses (or ponies) Bo is finally settling into life back home and despite giving me a couple of scares with his leg (putting too much weight on it and kicking the wall!), he seems to have made a full recovery, phew (more about his story is on the Holistic blog).

While back in the Studio, new work is progressing. 
 I have a pile of blanks to paint on,
 and a sketchbook full of moths, hmmm....  More stars maybe???

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I made - ta daaa.... A Dragon!

My first Dragon in about 3 years!!!  Essentially my style is still the same, but there have been a few changes.  Gone are the glossy, high shine glazes and instead a coloured slip.  The wings are a bit risky with some fiber added to the slip.  I'm not sure how this will turn out when fired, so fingers crossed!

On the Holistic blog, readers will note my adventures with wool.  However, I'm not the only one to be seduced by it's super soft wooly goodness.  Fae loves to help me, but doesn't like being disturbed <3>

Friday, 24 July 2015

Heading for the Studio.

I often like to take the scenic route to work!  It's so good working from home, although the day I took these pictures it was hot and the Studio heated up too quickly for prolonged work, whereas today the rain pattering on the windows will be a relaxing sound. 

My beans and courgettes are romping away and it looks like I will finally have my veg glut that I've been dreaming of.  The last few years have seen my efforts destroyed by slugs, but this year and in this particular raised bed, I've been extremely vigilant.  I can see it from the kitchen window and can almost hear the slugs and snails as they march towards my precious plants!
A few stray strawberries and a new acquilegia plant distract me from the overgrown lawn, oops!
The path to the Studio is clearer now I've cleared all the mint and it helps to have an all weather path!
Almost at the Studio now and my clematis has given me a constant display of gorgeous flowers :D
Today I have to make a choice of either finishing a dragon, or painting some wooden hearts!!!  I wonder which will win???

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Latest painting - needs a few tweaks!

What better way to spend a Sunday that working in the Studio? I'm mostly happy with this, but it is looking a little too cutesy!!!  I'll let the oils dry a bit and then maybe I'll see what needs to be done.
Time for a little catch up with the real ponies and maybe cut the lawns.  I do love Sundays :D Edited to add the finished picture :D

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Once upon a Time!

Once upon a time, I was a sculptor. My little Studio sat in an almost empty garden and was the most basic little place for pulling shapes from messy clay.  All it had was a table and a shelf full of glazes.
Inside I made horses and Dragons.
Lots of Dragons!
I also made a few other things as well. This was one of my favourite pieces.  I almost wish I hadn't sold it, but I may make another!
I also made many winged horses who flew away to good homes.
My huge Raku Dragon, Gawain is still with me though despite a visit to a couple of galleries!
The red dot on the label below, shows that this little dragon also flew away to a new home.
So what changed and why did I stop? The reason, pure and simple was that my awfully ancient kiln gasped it's last puff of smoke and I didn't have the money for a new one! With the help of a dear friend I have now found a new (to me) kiln which is scheduled to be serviced and wired in next week, YAAAY :D  I have two new bags of clay and a head full of ideas.  I simply can't wait to get started!

Meanwhile, this little sculpture of the wool variety is taking shape and will soon be ready for a new home (if I can bear to part with it!!!)